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I started this site right after I quit my corporate job (this is what I looked like, cute huh?). When I announced to quit my job a lot of colleagues, friends, and family said they wished they could do what I do (quit and travel). Either family, some promotion, or a mortgage tied them down. On this website, I to share my tips, tricks, and experiences to prepare those who want travel. My motto is Optimize without Compromise.

In short, this website is all about budget living (Cheap Living) and budget travel (Rich Travels). I share stories and articles about how to save money in daily life and on the road. This website also has my personal travel stories I’ve kept since I started traveling myself.


What’s in it for you:

Budget Living: Daily life is expensive enough as it is, so enjoy money-saving tips for food, rent, and any other living expenses.

Budget Travel: Most people think travel is expense, but in these articles I share tips and tricks on how to travel cheaply so you can squeeze everything out of your travel budget.

Travel Stories: Every week I post a new story with a moment of awesome, landscape pictures (better known as “earth porn”), local news, words of wisdom, and money-saving tips.


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My happy face on the first day of my travel (view on San Francisco from Twin Peaks).

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