Cheapest airfares – Thanks Google!

As any world-wondering vagabonder will tell you, flights usually constitute one of the major travel costs. There are plenty of websites out there offering cheap flights – obviously including a well-hidden commission for them. Over the past few years I’ve tried them all: Skyscanner, Cheaptickets, Kayak, Skiplagged (interesting option if you only fly with carry-on), Cheapair.

However, the cheapest results by far have consistently come from our beloved friends in Silicon Valley. Just like their normal search I don’t think I’ll ever figure out how the algorithm works, but, hell, as long as it gives me the cheapest flights I’m a happy camper. Google flights has found the following flights for me in the past:

  • 400 Euro round trip Amsterdam – San Francisco
  • 150 Euro round trip Amsterdam – Tel Aviv in high season
  • 640 Euro one way Vancouver – Auckland

The reason I like Google Flights so much, is because it finds the cheapest flight in a split second. When you enter your starting and final destination, the calendar shows you the cheapest fares for each day of the month. Despite the occasional 45h flight with 3 stops on 3 continents, I usually find the results to be very practical. Another cool feature is the alert you can set to track the price of specific flight. This way you don’t have to search for flights in between sending emails at work. By far the coolest feature is the destination map. For a given date and start location GF gives a comprehensive

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