Tracking travel expenses made easy – thanks Splitwise

When traveling in a group, trying to calculate how much everyone owes one another can be a tedious, stressful, and downright frustrating task. Figuring out who paid what, when, and how much everyone should chip in is a task that, in my experience, always hampered my after-holiday high.

Modern technology comes to the rescue ones again. I’ve been using Splitwise on my recent travels and it has made keeping track of expenses as easy as posting a funny cat video on your Facebook wall. You simply create a group for your trip, add your friends, and upload all expenses you paid for (including a description of the expense). You can indicate whether you paid for everyone or a number of people, and the app calculates how much each individual owes you. At the end of your trip, Splitwise provides a comprehensive overview of balances per person – see screenshots below.

I absolutely love this app – it’s one of only 20 apps that I actually use. What I like most is the ease of use and not having to deal with going over all your receipts and calculating the balances yourself. OW! Did I mention it’s a free app?

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