Auckland – Nude beach etiquette

Moment of awesome

Last Monday I was holding my frisbee, contemplating inviting others throw, while feeling the warm sand of the tropical Waiheke Island beach between my toes (ow and I was all naked). How had it come to this? A friend of the family I’m staying with and I decided to go on a day trip to Waiheke Island – a formerly hippie retreat off the coast of Auckland, now home to more lush mansions (although the relaxed vibe seemed to have survived). From the ferry we took a bus that dropped us off on the far end of the Island’s main beach. As we were walking to the other side of the beach my travel companion warned me there was a nude section toward the end. I figured we’d probably end up somewhere in the middle but somehow we made it to the end – right in nude central. When we sat down we were the only ones there, but fairly soon we were joined by visitors in their birthday suits. Expecting to see the usual suspects (creepy guys with bodies you never unsee) I was surprised to notice that our neighbors were just ‘normal’ people. I liked this place. Usually, I don’t like going into the water, so I hadn’t brought a bathing suit. It was pretty warm, however, so taking advantage of the fact that I was at a nudist beach I skinny dipped to cool myself down (no photos, sorry). After my swim I really wanted to toss a frisbee with someone, which presented a bit of a dilemma. I was not sure about the etiquettes about approaching people on a nude beach. Despite not satisfying my frisbee urges, skinny dipping on a tropical island was a bit of a dream come true. IT WAS AWESOME!

PS leave a comment saying what you would have done!

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Earth porn

Shells at Onetangi Beach on Waiheke Island

Local news – Photographer Travels Across NZ with Gandalf Costume, And His Photos Are Epic!

Rumor has spread around the islands; a traveler dressed up as Gandalf has been going around this remote corner of the world. Asking fellow travelers to take pictures of him at stunningly beautiful sights, he posts his pictures on #GandalfTheGuide. This is one of his most popular photos:


A word of wisdom

“When I see less, I see more

Christine – New friend from Germany talking about slowing down when traveling.

Dash for cash 

Packing like a pro


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    I like the minimalist approach vince. Thats the way to go in these times 🙂

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