Staying productive while traveling

Moment of awesome

Did I confront my problems and finally attend an AA meeting? Far from it! This was my first time attending a WordPress community conference, or WordCamp (WordPress is a system used to run 25% of all websites in the world, such as the one your are on right now). What makes these conferences interesting is not just the free pizza, but the topics that are covered and the community it attracts. In two days, we covered topics from ‘How to write an engaging story’ to ‘Making WordPress fast with Jelly Snakes and Raspberry Twizzlers’. The WordPress experts inspired me to build my own website into something bigger. In between talks – while munching on free granola bars and coffee – I approached as many interesting people as I could. One particularly helpful couple was Linda and Craig Martin. They have run a highly successful travel blog/podcast since 2006 and Craig has been on the board of the ‘Professional Travel Bloggers Association’. In other words: they know a thing or two about travel blogging. I found it very inspiring and energizing to be able to approach and talk to these folks. They went above and beyond the call of duty to suggest ways to grow my website. For example, they suggested running a test on ‘Travel Consulting’ and shared specific tips on how to approach that. How great is that? I literally had a chance to walk up and get advice from the pros. Wordcamp Auckland rivaled meeting Tim Ferriss in New York in December 2016. IT WAS AWESOME!

Read more to find out how else I stayed productive on the road. Read More

Earth porn

Being timelapse video-bombed by two girls at the beach while capturing the Auckland skies

Local news – The most stunning shots of New Zealand from space

I’ve been making some OK visual materials of New Zealand the past few months, and last week I promoted Gandalf touring the country. Yet, the boys and girls at NASA play a strong photography game as well. The NZ Herald has published amazing material on their site (see link). The image below is my favorite.  











A word of wisdom

“Mindfulness is creating space between stimulus and response

Dan Harris – Author of New York Times Bestseller ‘10% Happier’ (one of my favorite books of all time).

Dash for cash 

Photofeeler (App)


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