The city where I don’t sleep…San Francisco

Moment of awesome

thumb_IMG_4441_1024Week 1 already presented a hard choice for this category. Picking one favorite moment from the Marian Hill concert, the panoramic view at Twin Peaks, the Giants Baseball game, or a Friday afternoon bike trip to Land’s end and the Golden gate is like asking who is your favorite child.

However, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass was probably the highlight of the week as it captured the true spirit of the city. San francisco friends, families, and Tinder dates came in the park en masse to enjoy the sun, good food, and catchy sing alongs. The vibe was very chill and if anyone decides to visit the Fog city I’d definitely recommend going to this festival. IT WAS AWESOME!

Favorite landscape picture

thumb_IMG_4332_1024Thanks Wow Air for being so weird and cheap, and for providing the landscape picture of the week!

View on the city from the plane. On the left you see the Golden Gate Bridge with Alcatraz and Treasure island in the middle, and Oakland in the back. Golden Gate Park is to the right and this is where you’ll find people tossing frisbees, throwing baseballs, or parents throwing hipster kid parties.

Best meal

thumb_IMG_4450_1024I’m sure people were expecting a massive burrito or lobster at Pier 39. And I know I’m a big health freak and cookies are bad for you but nothing beats Pumpkin Spice Cookies after a seemingly-never ending flight without food!

Check out this recipe if you don’t live close to Trader Joe’s but still want to indulge in this seasonal delicacy.

Worst meal

thumb_IMG_4378_1024Being a part-time vegetarian sometimes challenges your moral standards. In this case however I felt like the choice was easy. Outer sunset in San Francisco is home to an Asian community with stores carrying a wide variety of fresh produce. Among great finds of fresh seafood and noodle soup I found this royal society of Frog Princes. Hungry anyone?

Favorite quote

“(S)he who cares less wins”

– Shaun White (American professional snowboarder, skateboarder, and two-time Olympic gold medalist) on the Tim Ferriss show #140. Hilarious Podcast episode filled with life lessons.

Favorite gadget / book / app / life hack

<img class="wp-image-114 size-medium alignleft" src=" investigate this″ alt=”wakawaka” srcset=” 300w, 768w, 1024w, 1300w, 1950w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />In daily life it’s easy to charge your phone whenever and wherever. While traveling (and especially when hiking) electricity is not always available, however. The Waka Waka is a great solution for this first world problem. The solar panel charges the small battery inside that you can use to charge any USB device, such as your phone. The two LED lights in the back allows you to read at night or can be used as a bike light. At 79US$ it is slightly pricy, but it is a great, sustainable solution for environment-conscious travelers.
Click here to order a Waka Waka on Amazon (yes, I get a sales commission ? )



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2 thoughts on “The city where I don’t sleep…San Francisco

  1. Hedva Vital

    Fresh and crispy! I felt I was there with u in the charming gem of San Fransisco. Keep on the good work!

  2. Jim d

    Look at you, great world traveler! Credit biceps to me and all those great Y workouts. I will send you $$ for a razor!
    Great job–very impressed !!

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