Road tripping Hippies on New Zealand’s South Island

Moment of awesome

The beauty of having our own car is the freedom is provides and the random places we stumble upon as a result. A friend had suggested Catlin Forest Park as the Coastal Rain Forest is not subject to mass tourism. The forest hike and surrounding bays were lovely, yet, understandably, not a South Island highlight you want to get out of your way for. Nonetheless, we sifted out a little golden nugget in the proverbial river. Right next to our campsite was a small hippie hideout (for lack of a better word). Living there was a man who had scavenged random items on the side of the road for over 15 years. What would look like a hopeless collection of useless items suitable for a 1970’s yard sale for most of us was a real treasure for the good man. He had turned collection into a gallery of wind-up toys. My favorites were the bike TV, the peephole, and ‘A Bush in a Box in a Bush’. IT WAS AWESOME!

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Earth porn

Coastal view from the lighthouse at Nugget Point.

Food for the hungry soul

Article: Now for the good news: things really are getting better

With all that’s been going on lately, it’s easy to get pessimistic about the future. However, looking at the broader scheme of things there is reason for optimism.

A word of wisdom

“When you see a good move. Think, and find a better one.”

Emanuel Lasker – First World Chess Champion

Dash for cash – Grocery shopping (2/2)

In a world that is struggling with the speed of globalization (case in point: Brexit) there is one light on the horizon: the Indian supermarket. On the spectrum of grocery stores, it’s definitely on the cheaper side – which explains part of the love. However, it’s not just the price that has earned the Indian supermarket a mention on this website. What is it about this great establishment that it deserves me writing about it?

Family co-op

Who doesn’t love a family-owned business? The second I walk into an Indian supermarket I know I will meet half the family within the first 5 minutes. The kids are running around and know the candy section inside out, the uncle is in the back stacking the inventory, mom is assorting the shelves while skillfully making sure the kids don’t undo all her work, and dad mans the cash register. And don’t think you’ve met everyone just yet. Come in after 7pm and the older son or cousin holds the fort just by himself – serving nocturnal creatures with evening snacks and munch food for college students high on a new harvest of greens.

Wide variety

Unlike most oriental supermarkets, Indian supermarkets carry a wide selection of food and treats from all over the world. They have figured out that by not limiting themselves to just ethnic foods, tall blond European guys like myself can go in to uphold their traditional diet of bread, milk, and cheese. A rich combination of Indian, Oriental, and Western food offers a plethora of dinner options.


Did I mention it’s cheap? It is!

But there is more!

Whenever I visit a small town in a foreign country, it’s often a challenge to find some internet. Hotel internet, despite the expectations, usually have the slowest internet connection of all. At hip coffee shops, you need to get yourself an expensive cup of organic soy latte before they provide you a code valid for 20 minutes. So where can you find some fast, reliable internet for cheap? Go to your local Indian supermarket, they’ll know. Whether it is the local bank that has a free wifi-zone, or a local park with free city-internet they have the insights.

Thanks Indian supermarket for cheap food and cheap internet!

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