The meat sweating vegetarian hikes at Yosemite

Moment of awesome

thumb_IMG_4521_1024Camping in the woods sounds all romantic (and it is) but there are some practical hooks you need to think about. One of them is that the spots fill up quickly and you might need to switch places after your first night. Luckily for us, we had rented a truck that fit our tent perfectly. No effort wasted. IT WAS AWESOME!

Favorite landscape picture


Yosemite was central to the idea of the US national parks and was the 5th park to be recognized as a national park. Half dome is the park’s best-known sight that attracts heaps of tourist, but there are plenty of spectacular views to be enjoyed. If you have never been to Yosemite, you are in for a treat. Both the view into the valley and a hike down Hetch Hetchy lend themselves for free-floating selfie pics.

Best meal

IMG_4595I know, I know: I’m vegetarian and meat is bad for the environment and the animal, but after hiking for 12 hours, 10 miles of rugged terrain, running out of food, a car that wouldn’t start, and coming home 4 hours later than planned this was by far my favorite meal of the week. Preparing the food definitely took us longer than devouring it.


Guilty pleasure meal

IMG_4635A vegetarian’s nightmare and a hiker’s wet dream: In and Out’s Double Double! All 670 calories were consumed in a matter of seconds.


Don’t try this at home!

Favorite quote

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”

– John Muir (1838 – 1914) advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States and nature novelist. Muir petitioned a bill to establish Yosemite as a national park that was passed by US Congress in 1890.

Favorite gadget / book / app / life hack

After a long week of eating meat, you want to keep your body in shape. You do not want your physique to deteriorate after you have so eagerly maintained it the past years. In order to stay in shape with a short but effective workout, I use Voodoo Floss Bands. It is an elastic band you can use to do all sorts of cool exercises, as demonstrated in the video below (24 sec.).

The pros are endless: they are cheap, they are light, you can do the workout wherever and whenever, and it allows you to do all sorts of cool exercises without having to go to the gym best weight loss pills for men. The other day I had a flat tire and in the time the guy fixed it, I did a quick workout. No need to go to a gym or get a pricy membership you can’t get rid off. Also, if you are looking for a cheap and easy way into working out, this could be a solution for you. I demonstrate the workout I do in the video and it keeps me in good shape. Try it out, I’m a fan!
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4 thoughts on “The meat sweating vegetarian hikes at Yosemite

  1. Stephan

    this is great man!

    1. admin

      Thanks Stephan, I appreciate the compliment 🙂

  2. Diederik

    Who knew vikings were this funny? Keep on bloggin!

    1. admin

      If only Leif Erikson had kept a blog!

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