Wanaka – Hello civilization!

Moment of awesome

One of the main reasons for me to visit New Zealand was to do one of the ‘Great Walks’. Pretty soon after entering the country, however, the Department of Conservation told me the huts for all tracks had been booked months in advance – there was basically no chance for me to stay overnight. I thought I’d have no shot at doing a Great Walk until I met two Israeli girls on our campsite this week. They invited me to do the Routeburn Track with them. This track is a one-way hike from the Milford Sound area to Lake Wakatipu. The two girls had arranged to have friends drive their car to the other side so we’d have transportation when we finished. Upon being invited I found myself scrambling to prepare for my 20 mile, 11 hour hike the next day. The views were stunning! I was in awe of nature’s beauty from the start in the valley, to the waterfall, along the mountain ridge, on the lake by the hut (both at the lake and above), to the native flora. The jaw dropping ended with this view on our final descent. IT WAS AWESOME!

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Earth porn

View on the Milford Sound boat cruise (this picture has not been photoshopped).

Food for the hungry soul

Article: Before the Wall: Life Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

An interesting collection of accounts from people living on one of the most contested borders in the world. My favorite quote is from an 18-year old Mexican boy who said, “this guy is supposed to be a billionaire, right?” he asked. “Why the hell can’t he pay for it himself, then? He’s the one who wants it.”

A word of wisdom

“By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.”

Robert Lee Frost – American Poet

Dash for cash

Can I stay on your couch?


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