Auckland – Back to reality

Moment of awesome

There are a few things in the world that feel like magic. One of them is meeting a friend on the other side of the world. Something about meeting people out of the normal context makes your hair stand up. This week, I was roaming the streets of Auckland with my friend Libby. She couchsurfed with me a few years ago in Amsterdam and I noticed she’s currently in Auckland. We met up and it was like we never lost touch. It was great to hear her stories and to have a friend in the city I’ll be calling home for a few weeks. We strolled down the harbor where we read in a pop-up library, had a great view on the city, and had some ice cream. IT WAS AWESOME!

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Earth porn

Skies above Akaroa (off the coast of Christchurch)

Local news – Kiwi’s morning bath in danger

In the US people are concerned (and rightfully so) about the future now that the new President is in place, the Middle East has not gotten any saver since I left for my trip, and there is a fair chance an extreme right-wing anti-immigration political party might win the elections in my home country. But don’t think New Zealand does not have problems of its own. 

After statistics showed that more than 60% of the country’s rivers and streams are not suitable for swimming, the government has announced that by 2025 90% of the rivers and streams ought to be swimmable. It sounds like a good initiative, but as environmental groups have pointed out the government has redefined the term ‘swimmable’ to allow for twice the about of e coli bacteria that currently defines swimmable. This is actually quite a serious concern, as the Kiwis might not be able to do this for their morning bath:

A word of wisdom

“You laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at you, because you’re all the same

Diederik Alers – Long time friend and self-taught entrepreneur.

Dash for cash

Free camping


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