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Moment of awesome


Over the past weeks people have told me they are envious of my experience and my lifestyle, and with good reason; my life is awesome right now. Where most travel blogs show the amazing places people visit and the crazy things they do, I felt like I needed to strike a balance and share some of the tougher moments of traveling. Hence the title of this week’s blog: The Naked Truth.

This picture was taken on the last day of Fall 4s Beach league at Ocean Beach, organized by the Bay Area Disc Association. The Ultimate Frisbee scene in SF is very vibrant and the weekly fall league was probably the place I met most of my friends. IT WAS AWESOME!

PS, this is the last post from San Francisco for a while… Read Three More Paragraphs about this week

Favorite landscape picture

For some reason this view just really resonates with me. I think one or even 10 pictures just don’t do it justice. The day present so many beautiful views from Bunker Spencer that I decided to take a full day time lapse.

The morning traffic at 7am is in a rush while I sat there peacefully looking out over the city as the cars pass by you. Within 20 minutes, the sun rises and glows in the water from the east bay and Alcatraz as the fog rolls in. A good 45 minutes in and the fog disappears under the heat of the October California sun. Slowly, boats and ships start pouring into the bay creating lively scenes. You can see the sun move in the sky and right after midday a serene fall sunlight bestows the bay. At the end of the day, as traffic picks up again, I can see the sun set over the Pacific while still sitting quietly on top of the bunker watching it all pass by.

Best meal

tea loungeSamovar is a high-end Tea Lounge in the Mission district. All senses are served to your needs: as you walk in you cannot help but feel impressed by the great taste in which the place is designed, the scent of freshly brewed chai greets you, and the Indian tunes feel like a hug to your ears. The price of their teas is in the slightly higher bracket ($4), but it the ambiance more than made up for it.

Worst meal

Photo on 10-26-16 at 9.17 AMStaying out a full day at Bunker Spencer required the necessary preparations. Aside from water and anything to fight boredom, I figured I needed an exciting yet filling and cheap source of food. In the end I settled on corn tortillas and a big jar of salsa. Both were of questionable quality and I’m sure it wouldn’t have made this category if it hadn’t been breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days in a row.

Favorite quote

“The only way out is through.”

– Dan Harris (1971 – present). American news anchor and author of “10% Happier”. Dan was a war correspondent for a couple of years. Upon his return to NYC he was looking to find the same adrenaline kick as he had gotten during his time abroad. He found his need met in cocaine, which let to a panic attack on Live national TV. After quitting cocaine he went on a spiritual journey, that he describes in his book. One of the gurus he meets explains to him there are situation in life where you cannot shortcut your way out of it, you need to get through the pain in order to escape the state of suffering.

Although the context in which Dan received this little piece of wisdom was different, this quote has helped me during tough times and it helped me keep my head straight this week as well.

Favorite gadget / book / app / life hack

I used the Slik Mini-Pro III Tripod to shoot my full day time lapse of the city. I like that the tripod was cheap, folds up small to fit in your backpack, yet is stable enough to be a good tripod. The suction cup on the bottom makes it easy to attach the tripod to various services and the legs can be extended for better balance.

Click here to order the book on Amazon for $30 (yes, I get a sales commission 😉 )



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