San Francisco vs Cape Cod – Is west the best?

Moment of awesome

You might not recognize who this is, but it’s me wearing clothes. And a lot of them, as Cape Cod is a lot nippier than San Francisco. This picture was taken on Saturday night at a family dinner. We feasted on this paella made from locally caught clams and scallops. Being with the family gave me a very homey feeling and I think is righteously the highlight of my week.

It might come as a surprise to a lot of you that I’m on the East coast right now where my initial plan was to head up north to Oregon, Seattle, and Vancouver. I’m currently staying on beautiful Cape Cod with some very good friends I met 11 years ago on a two-week high school exchange. The current plan is to stay here until Thanksgiving, but who knows what might happen? I’ve enjoyed being here so far. IT WAS AWESOME!

Why did I decide to fly to the East coast? Read Three More Paragraphs about this week

Favorite landscape picture

OK, I confess: I’m in love with the time lapse videos! On my flight from San Francisco to Boston the beautiful Wyoming landscape caught my attention. With the help of my high-tech camera set up (if I do say so myself) I managed to capture a fair share of the Northern American great plains. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I was heading East and the afternoon takeoff, I could not capture the Eastern side of the country in daylight. Nonetheless, I think the video offers a unique scene that I wanted to share with you.

Best meal

FullSizeRenderSan Francisco has one of the strongest coffee games of any city in the world. My new friend took me to this great place in the Mission district, called ‘Four Barrels’. I think I’m not exaggerating when I say that about 80% of the total floor space is used to grind and roast the coffee (see the roaster in the background). The taste of the coffee is second to none. Coffee is imported from Ethiopia, Columbia, Brazil, and just about any other location in the world you can imagine. As if the delicious taste of the coffee is not enough of an experience in itself, the ambiance inside is amazing. The interior design is very classy with its cozy wooden benches and tables. The roof is held up by big logs, giving the place a very rustic feeling. In case you feel like getting some sun however, the place also offers a stylish parklet for you to enjoy your coffee on Valencia street. Next time I’m in the city, this will be my first stop!

Guilty pleasure meal

IMG_5111 3The freedom of choice one encounters while vagabonding is sometimes offset by the lesser charming aspects of the journey. I love noodle soup, don’t get me wrong. It’s nutritious, cheap, easy and fast to prepare, and probably has one of the best money to calorie ratios. For these reasons I have resorted to making this meal probably around 5 times per week.

Recipe: Is it really that easy?

Favorite quote

“More gold had been mined from the minds of [people] than the earth itself.”

– Napoleon Hill (1883 – 1970), author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (1937). This quote is from Think and Grow Rich and refers to a story about the gold rush where the author notes that one can obtain any riches he/she wishes as long as he/she has the right mindset. Although the book was written some time ago, its principles of success are timeless. Andrew Carnegie (one of the most powerful and richest people on earth at the time) asked Napoleon Hill to dedicate his life to investigate the secrets to success. He accepted and over the course of several decades interviewed thousands of people including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, TDR, Rockefeller, and Wilbur Wright (in case you don’t recognize any of these names, these are the Obamas, Elon Musks, and Steve Jobs’ of their time). The key principle of the book is that you can achieve anything you set your mind to as long as you follow a number of steps as described in the book.

Favorite gadget / book / app / life hack

Think And Grow Rich is not just another book to me. It represents the last push I needed to quit my job and pursue my passion to travel. During my full day time lapse of SF last week, I had ample time to go through the book again. Once more, the book provided profound insights and reminded me to reinforce certain habits I had been slacking off on, such as my morning ritual (more on that in a later blog post).

The book is like a bible: if you have faith in the content, it contains all the answers you need. It provides a set of values and beliefs that can (and has) changed me in a profound way. The concept that resonates with me the most is that expectations are the limit to what I can achieve. The combination of the power of imagination, a burning desire, and the determination to achieve any goal have led me to go on this life-changing trip. I hope that if you decide to order the book, it will positively change your life as it did to me.

Click here to order the book on Amazon for $8 (yes, I get a sales commission 😉 )

Email subscribers’ challenge

One of the perks of being on the mailing list is that you get to vote on an occasional challenge. The readers had a choice between (1) a video of me cycling up the 10 steepest streets in SF while wearing a sweater, or (2) a picture collage of the 5 coolest swings in the city. Option 2 won by a landslide and below you will find the result.

Which one is my favorite? Tell me


(from top left to bottom right: Kirby Cove, Bernal Heights Park, Billy Goat Hill, Presidio Height at Cherry and Jackson, and Alamo Square Park; notice the Painted ladies in the background!).

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    Love reading about your adventures, Vince! Geniet ervan 🙂

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