Yin Yang on Cape Cod

Moment of awesome

Although my achievements in the world of sports have not led me to the Olympics, I do like to think of myself as an athletic guy. Countless hours in the gym, on the frisbee field, and on my bike have gotten me in pretty good overall shape. One thing about my body that could use some attention, however, is flexibility. As one of my friends correctly noted during my first ever yoga session two years ago: I stretch like a pregnant elephant! It sounds like a stretch of the imagination, but he is actually not that far from the truth. It’s also not uncommon for the whole class to take a yoga stance and have only one person fall over each time we change position (guess who this person is).

Given my humbling history in the world of yoga, my favorite moment of the week was my handstand against the wall! I had never done a handstand in my life ever, so it felt like a fun way to challenge myself. Thanks to the support of the cool yoga instructor I can now do a handstand against a wall, walk my feet down into a reversed table-top position, and get back up the same way I came down. I doubt that my achievement got us any closer to world peace, but there are moments where you have to celebrate the smaller things in life. I wanted to share this momentous event with you, so without further ado see the video below (IT WAS AWESOME):

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Favorite landscape picture

Cape Cod has so many beautiful sights, one picture would not do it justice. These three short time lapse videos give a good impression of fall on the Cape.

1 – Skaket Beach High Tide coming in (33 sec.)

2 – Drive on Nauset South Beach (26 sec.)

3 – Cape Cod Bike trail (18 sec.)

Best meal

IMG_5341The food on Cape Cod has been nothing short from amazing. The local oysters, clams, and scallops are to die for. Lucky for me, I stayed with my good friends who know how to make the best food. This dish has fresh oysters from the oven and is topped with Parmesan. I have to admit I could not tell how it was made, but I think it adds to the mystery of the dish.

As amazing as the food was, the drink really stole the show. It’s called a ‘Cape Codder’ and is made with Cranberry Juice, Ice, and Foggy Bog – a Massachusetts cranberries and apple brandy. I’d come back to the Cape just for that!

Favorite quote

“It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness.”

– Chuck Palahniuk (1962 – present), author of ‘Fight Club’. Despite the pessimistic tone of the quote I decided to put it in, because I believe there is a lot of wisdom in it. I picked this quote to illustrate what our brain tends to focus on, but also to remind myself that we can positively affect our mind to remember the good things in life. It’s good to reflect and grieve, but more important is to move on in life 😉

Favorite gadget / book / app / life hack

lapseitA couple of weeks ago I discovered the beauty of time lapse videos, as I have so eagerly shared on this blog. When taking short time lapse videos of under 10 minutes, the time lapse option on your phone usually does the job. However, if you are looking for a time lapse that takes a few hours you will most likely run out of storage on your phone pretty quickly.

The app I use for my time lapse videos is called ‘Lapse It’. What I like about this app, is that it’s easy to use, takes relatively high quality pictures, and allows you the flexibility to process the video at however many frames per second you want. This gives you the possibility to create pretty neat videos on your phone, saving you the pain of having to purchase a professional kit. At $3, I think this app is pretty good bang for buck.

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2 thoughts on “Yin Yang on Cape Cod

  1. Colin

    I’m reading Palahniuk’s Beautiful You right now. Weird story about a billionaire Richard Branson type guy that invents sex toys that enslave women with nanobots so they only want to pleasure themselves at the expense of everything else.
    Glad to see you are enjoying the other coast. Have you had fried clams yet? Can’t really get those made right out here.

    1. admin

      Sounds like an interesting read! I’ll have some time during my travels so this is a good book recommendation. Maybe an area of work I can look into, who knows?
      The clams are great. All the seafood here is second to none! I can imagine you miss them.
      How has the West Coast been this fall? Have you been playing a lot of Ultimate lately?

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