In heaven they must play frisbee

Moment of awesome

The most hedonistic restaurant on earth – the Spiderhouse

After 6 weeks of babysitting with this adorable family in Auckland, the time had finally come to board my much-dreaded 32-hour flight to the Philippines. In an attempt to keep costs down, my itinerary consisted of 3 layovers before getting on a van. To a ferry. To a trike. Fortunately, on the other side of this trip was heaven. A friend invited me to play a frisbee tournament on Boracay, Philippines, stating it was the best tournament in the world. Though slightly skeptical about her claim, I found out pretty soon what she was on about. I found out Boracay is somewhat of a party island, but in a very unassuming way. Everyone and everything is very laid back. My team’s dinner at the Spiderhouse perfectly exemplifies the awesomeness of the island. To get to the Spiderhouse, you first take a sailing boat to the nearest beach. After a 10-minute walk along cliffs and through a cove, you arrive at the end of the beach to find the most hedonistic restaurant you’ll ever witness. As you come in, you are greeted by a family puppies who want nothing but give you some doggy love. After ordering your food, the waitress instructs you to jump in the water from your table. You hang out on the yeti before heading back up to find your food and cocktails waiting for you. As you indulge lavishly you watch the sunset and realize life does not get any better than this.


Read more to see silly photos of me playing ultimate (I’m actually sober in one of them), a romantic sunset with local stray dogs, and my insights from 6,5 months of travel. Read More

Earth porn

Yummy sunset overlooking the many sailing boats at Station 1, Boracay.

Jealous-making scene from the mostly untouched Puka Beach.

A word of wisdom

“Slow down, you’re here”

Bumber sticker I saw on Waiheke Island, close to Auckland.

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6 thoughts on “In heaven they must play frisbee

  1. Wenxuan

    I want to go to Philippines after reading this article!

    1. admin

      I would absolutely recommend! I would advice checking out some more islands as well, as I heard great stories about them.

  2. Jon

    Good luck Vince.
    I do read snippets of your writings.
    Very good and wise.
    All ok on Waiheke.

    1. admin

      Hi Jon, great hearing from you. I appreciate the compliment. How are the plans coming along for the pacific island voyages?

  3. Helen

    Nice touches of honesty Vince! Good luck making the new deal with yourself. See you in Amsterdam!

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment Helen. Let’s have dinner soon 🙂

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